Commercials By The Dozen provides solutions to challenges faced by broadcast companies nationwide.  We help make radio easy.

The concept of Commercials By The Dozen is surprisingly simple.

For a small monthly charge you can have up to 12 commercials voiced by any of our staff voices. The audio is guaranteed to be ready in 48 hours.

Commercials By The Dozen is fast, simple and affordable.

Don’t Waste Your 30-Second Opportunity

You’re about to meet your ideal customer and you only have 30 seconds to tell them everything about your business.  What do you say?  Do you start by telling them how you’re family owned?   Maybe give them your phone number?  Is it a good idea to blurt out the name of...

Saying No To Small Market Whining

(This is an article that I wrote many years ago which appears on Dan O'Day's website.   It is still relevant and good advice.) Every so often I run into a thread on various boards talking about "small market stations" and their various woes concerning their listening...

The Single Word You Should Never Use When Writing Commercial Copy.

I was going to write a nice article about how to write a nice commercial that will produce nice results for your nice client.  But, I was distracted by a nice cup of coffee. So instead I set aside my extra large, steaming hot, foamy, almond milk latte in its rustic...