48 Hour Guarantee

Get this spot on the air as fast as soon as possible!

You need your commercials recorded and on the air.

The script doesn’t make money, the sale doesn’t even make money. The only time you make money is when the ad is on the air.

Our 48-Hour Turn-around gets your ads on the air faster and allows you to make money faster.

Here are the specifics of the 48-Hour Turn-around:

Scripts received by 12:00 pm Central Time will be recorded and made available to the subscriber within 48 hours.  (Usually faster!). If CBTD does not meet this guarantee, the script will not count against the subscribers allotted units per month. This guarantee is limited in the following ways:

  1. If the subscriber has clearly waived the guaranteed deadline by providing another, later deadline.
  2. Scripts received by the subscriber, but requiring to be re-recorded due to pronunciation errors, script length, improper inflection or tone will not be considered late.
  3. This guarantee has no cash value. “Damages” will be awarded in time or script credits only and not in the form of any other monetary payment.

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