A note from the boss

He said ... what?

A Message From Glen Pavlovich

“We do NOT strive to satisfy our customers.”

Does that shock you?

When a business says that it is “committed to customer satisfaction,” what does that mean? To me, that is a very vague commitment that doesn’t tell you what the business is all about. So, I can honestly tell you that we do not strive to satisfy our customers. What we DO commit ourselves to provide our customers is:

A fantastic product.

A professional staff who is always willing to help.

Quick turnaround. (Guaranteed in 48-hours)

Simply the best value in the industry.

It appears that the level of service we offer equals customer satisfaction.

Each time a commercial is delivered to a customer, they are given an opportunity to grade their experience with us. We take that information, evaluate it, and if changes or adjustments need to be made, we respond with lightning speed.

So, do we want our customer satisfied? Yes. And we’ll do it by executing a carefully created business model that puts quality, reliability and value in the forefront.

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