Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, we all have questions about life....The ones that are more specifically about Commercials By The Dozen are answered here.

Who owns the audio?

You own all the audio. To be more precise, the Terms of Service indicates that the person whose name appears on the credit card used to purchase the subscription owns the audio. We retain the right to use audio provided by Commercials By The Dozen in promotional advertising.

I don’t want to pay until the audio has been delivered. What will you do for me?

Your concerns are appreciated. However, like most other internet purchases, payment must be received before the product is delivered.

I paid with my credit card, but I was not prompted for the script.

Please fax or email your script as soon as it is ready and the audio will be delivered via mp3 ASAP!

If I sign up today, when does my subscription renew? In other words, when do I have to pay again?

Your subscription will renew on the monthly anniversary of your subscription. So, if you signed up on the 14th of the month; your subscription would renew on the 14th of the following month.

Can I have you read my script in a certain way?

Yes. If you require the announcer to read your script in a particular fashion or in a particular way, make notes for the talent on the script or cover sheet when faxing or emailing it. You may also call the office and discuss the script with our staff.

How will the audio be delivered to me?

Once recorded, the audio file will be emailed directly to you.

Do I own the audio once I pay for it.

Yes. You own it. You may use it for as long as you wish, without limitation or license.

Can you guarantee me exclusivity in my market?

No. Market exclusivity cannot be guaranteed. If you would like to hire any of our voices on a market exclusive basis, please contact us to discuss terms.

Can I buy a half-page or a single liner?

Yes. Clearly indicate that the script you are submitting is a liner or less than a full “30.” It will be considered a 15-second script.

What if I need something re-recorded or changed. Will you re-record a portion of the audio?

If the change is because of a mistake that was made by the voice talent, or a mispronunciation of a common word, then the affected audio will be re-record at no charge to you. If you have changed your mind or have reconsidered or revised your script once it has been recorded, then the re-record will count toward your monthly dozen.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes. You will receive an invoice in your email.  You can pay online with your credit card or mail a check.  Invoices are due on receipt.

Most of the audio samples have music and sound effects in them, but my audio is voice only. Can you put music in my audio?

No. At this time we offer voice only production.

What software do you recommend I use to play your audio files?

For simple audio playback on your computer Windows Media Player is the most convenient and easy to use. For simple editing and mixing Goldwave is very popular. For more complex sound editing Adobe Audition combines power and ease of use.

The first second of audio is cut off of my audio…what gives?

There have been many reports of Windows Media Player cutting off the first half-second or so of audio.  We suggest using a professional audio software package.

Do I need to sign up for a PayPal account to use my credit card?

No. You may pay with your credit card without signing up for a PayPal account. You may pay directly online with your credit card or may also pay with a check.

Can I use my personal credit card?

Yes. Individuals and businesses other than broadcast companies can subscribe to this service.

Do you take credit card payments over the phone?

Yes. We’d be happy to take your credit card payment over the telephone.  Call 414.207.6648.

Do I have to use the audio for commercial purposes?

No. You may use the audio for promotional announcements, liners, teasers, overhead announcements, industrial recordings, anything you wish. If you wish to gain market exclusivity for any of the staff voices, please contact us.

Will you remove me from your email list?

Yes. We will gladly remove your email address from our marketing list. Email us with the email address you would like to have removed.

I thought you offered “fully produced” commercials?

The “Fully Produced” option was discontinued in 2013.


If you have any other questions, please call or email so we can answer them.