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Speed is a Good Thing

Commercials Produced

As of 

January 16, 2019 the average turn-around time for audio is:

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Faster than promised

The quality of the voices and the speed at which commercials are returned is awesome. In Radio often you want the production done yesterday and it's today. Commercials by the dozen has truly outperformed our expectations. They are fast to respond to any inquiries. Thank you so much for helping our radio station excel in ad copy with great return sales from clients.

Noel Connet
Harbit Communications

I love everything about this!

Dedra Blakley

Thanks for the awesome turn-a-round time!

Kathy Gee
WINT Radio

Thank you very much, tremendous turn around!!!

Larry Mariner

Spot sounded awesome! PERFECT!

Joey Walker
Movin 100

That's one hell of a read.

Bob Evans
B100 Country

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Don Robertson

The ad sounds GREAT!!

Joe Afonso
Nothing But Beds

Commercials By the Dozen consistently meets or exceeds the voice work that we ask of them. So many times, I have sent an ad to them in the morning, only to have it show up IN my inbox a few hours later. Anytime that there has been a change that has been needed, or a recut on a word that is prounounced wrong (usually due to no direction from me), I have been helped with a positive email that lets me know they have received the request, and a "no problem" to fix it vibe. Everyone that I have worked with at Commercials By the Dozen has been pleasant, easy to communicate with, and goes the extra mile in making our commercials GREAT! Thank you! I give you 5 STARS!!

Amanda Bacon
Radio Pacific, Inc.

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